And With This Ink…

Let’s pretend you know who I am, shall we?

And as you well know, I live by my own set of rules. I don’t tell lies because my memory is bad, so I might as well tell my truth. I don’t stand for foolishness, so I work for the remedy to eradicate it. And above all else, the sapiosexual and Sagittarius side of myself hates to be censored.  So, what does that mean for you?

It means that you will be served the best that I have to offer on the finest china and the stiffest shot of my reality in a gold encrusted shot glass; straight, no chaser.  I plan to write about entertainment and lifestyle from a place that few go and if they do they don’t take pictures. I will write unapologetic verse as I educate, entertain, embrace, celebrate, seek and find. This blog will be my heaven on earth, my treasure trove which will hold my thoughts and you will be blessed to read them. You want to know what I know? You want to learn what I have learned minus the years it took me to learn? You want blunt commentary? You want advertiser friendly? I will only promise to be true to myself as I make an attempt to deliver all of those things and more. Should I come up short….stay, grow with me. I promise you that it is not over until I can no longer tell you that it is not!

When I was younger I would ask my Aunt Linda what did it feel like to die. She would reply, “No one has lived to tell about it baby.” I held her at her word until I discovered the possibility to die unto myself so that I do not let my fears, my pride, my worries hinder me from being a testimony. I was given a gift. I can manipulate words in such a way that they evoke emotions so tangible that one could taste the flavor of each verb, the sourness of each adjective. I plan to serve the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me…God it feels great to be free.

I plan to entertain. I plan to intrigue. And with this ink…..I plan to amaze myself beyond measure through uncensored expression.


Ms. Uncensored

Ms Uncensored

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Photography credit: Vincent Hunter