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/be'kǝz/: Because giving back feels so good!

Are you an under privileged student who needs assistance with a semester of books for college? Send an email to telling me in a short essay about yourself, your degree, college, and a photo. 10% of the profits from each /be’kǝz/ t-shirt sold in my store will be used to aide the winners in the purchase of few of their semester’s books. 


Ms. Uncensored

This is a Dear Abbey type blog section. Have a question? Want my feedback? By all means…. email me at and your question may be answered in a post on my blog. Tune in for all kinds of uncensored commentary!

For sponsorship/advertisement, featured artists and all other inquiries please fill out the contact form, choose from the drop-down menu, and get to writing me! What are you waiting for? Let’s converse!

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