2016 BET Awards: Let’s Get Lit!

Good Evening and happy viewing to you all!!!

I am turnt up and ready to get into this celebration of African Descendants and their accomplishments. I will warn you now:

The thoughts and views of 2Deep Uncensored are not that of BET. So if i say something that causes you to get into your simple feelings….my bad, your fault. Now back to the amazing evening ahead.

Tracee Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson are back in full effect to host. CAN WE SAY OH HELL YES!!!!? I am here for this. I am here for this snake dress she has on in the opening show. I want her body now… like, forget when I get her age. She is simply stunning from head to toe and hilarious. I am always here for Ms. Ellis Ross ,do you here me?! I digress.

The award I caught during the pre-show was the Centric Award. The theme throughout the night will be my predictions in peach and the winner in turquoise.

Centric Award

(Me: Beyonce – Formation)

Andra Day – “ Rise Up”

Michelle – “Not A Little Bit”

The Internet – “Under Control”

Beyonce – “Formation”- Winner

Rihanna – “BBHMM”


And no shade, honey, but I love how Fantasia said that we are going to celebrate Prince “THE RIGHT WAY”. She said it, not I. I have a feeling that the BET Awards is going to cast an eclipse on the farce that was marketed as a tribute by Madonna. I have so much to say but i have more typing to do.  is it wrong that I still giggle at Fantasia reading this book in the premiere of her new video Sleeping With the One I Love? Sorry.. still funny. I know I know. Stop it. Okay….moving on.

I am going to finish getting ready. See you all once the main event starts. OH LET’S GET LIT!!!

Before it begins I would like to say a prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, Please let the BET Awards make this Prince Celebration something worth bringing us all to tears in the memory of the greatness that we no longer have here on this earth. may all microphones work, may all pitches be hit, may all two steps aide in the wardrobes fully functioning, and may all shade be blocked by the light that is Prince. May the entire show be so fantastic that a Grand Wizard rolls in his grave. May the greatness that is Black Magic resonate so hard that reparations gets discussed at the Republican National Convention in an attempt to potentially stop the movement that is the aftermath of the diaspora. May the coco butter inspire Hillary to say that she keeps Blue Magic in her bag, swag. All these things and more I pray in your melaninated name… AMEN!!!

I might go to hell for that Prayer, WAIT>>> I JUST REALIZED THAT MAYA IS HOSTING THE BET AWARDS PRESHOW RED CARPET!!!! Okay, Youtube fan moment.

Shall we begin? P.S. This is going to be a long post!

I see the afros!!!! Is this QUEEN BEY?!!!! YAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS!!! FREEDOM!!!! Now that is how you start an awards show!!! I’mma keep running cause a winner don’t quit on themselves!!! This took me back to the concert!!! This song is so powerful! Jesus use her!!! And Jesus, while you’re at it… can you give me the guy with the locs directly behind Beyonce?

KENDRICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH I am about to lose my mind!!! This opening is circa Obama’s First inauguration energy!!! Oh they done started something now!!! They got me clapping in my damn house like they can see me!!!

BWAHAHAHAHA This Hamilton intro is hilarious!!

Taraji… we could have done without that.

Best Group

(Me: Puff Daddy & The Family)

2Chainz and Lil Wayne

Puff Daddy & The Family

The Internet

Drake & Future- Winner

Rae Sremmurd


Remember to vote people!

Best Male R&B/Pop Artist

(Me: Bryson Tiller)

Bryson Tiller- Winner



Chris Brown

The Weekend

Desiigner singing Panda. Does this come with the bouncing ball, you know…like when Shaq is talking? And why is Maxwell hype? Does he like this song? Say it ain’t so, Max!!

These presenter jokes suck this year.

Best Actor

(Me: Michael B. Jordan)

Anthony Anderson

Idris Elba

O’Shea Jackson Jr.

Courtney B. Vance

Michael B. Jordan- Winner

Dave Chappelle?!!! Oh I just got happy! Yes! Now some comedy. But Dave Chappelle looks like Dave Chappelle ate Dave Chappelle. IJS. I love that Spike Lee looks like the Black Willie Wonka in honor of Prince. I love it!

Yes, the Remarkable Genius that we are all proud of. The Roots, Ms. Erykah Badu, and Bilal… yessssss!!! Oh wait… Umm Erykah not so much. She sounds amazing I just wanted more energy!!! But BILAL IS SOOOOOOO CHANNELLING PRINCE RIGHT NOW!!! Yes, that is the tribute my soul needed!

I never thought that I would tell Tracee to hit all of her ass down but after her saying Hillary would be the next president… I want to get two chairs for her ass and four for her mouth. #FeelTheBern. Tell people to vote, don’t tell them who to vote for. UGH!!!

Fat Joe, French Montana and Remy Ma…. I am here for this!!! French is a Moroccan Asian now? lmao That shirt is fresh but looks weird for the song.

Did Bobby Brown say he came on stage with the one group he couldn’t get kicked out of? lmao

I love how Yaz announced the winner as “his mama”. I love it!! I simply love it!

Best Actress

(Me: Taraji P. Henson)

Gabrielle Union

Taraji P. Henson-Winner

Viola Davis

Kerry Washington

Tracee Ellis Ross

I LOVE how Taraji stood up for Bernie Sanders!!! YAAAS!!!

Sportswoman of the Year Award

(Me: Venus Williams, duh)

Cheyenne Woods

Serena Williams

Venus Williams-Winner

Gabrielle Douglas

Skylar Diggins


Sportsman of the year Award

(Me: Steph Curry but they will give it to Kobe)

Cam Newton

Lebron James

Stephen Curry-Winner

Kobe Bryant

Odell Beckham Jr.

Oh Lord, Alicia Keys is performing. i hope she is ON KEY tonight. I always said that God snatcher her vocals when she snatched a married man. But that ain’t none of my business just like the right note ain’t hers……but let’s see. Eh…


Best New Artist

(Me: Andra Day better win or I will cut off the TV)

Alessia Cara

Bryson Tiller-Winner

Tory Lanez

Andra Day



Okay so i won’t turn my TV off, but i am not mad that Bryson won. But i did want Andra to win.

Baby, I am allll the way here for JHud. Do you hear me? I mean I am so here you can’t be here with me. Plus I want this Olivia Pope jacket she got going on. I mean, she is channeling something!!!! Baby, Now her and Bilal!!! YAAAAAAAS! i can see prince’s face now. He is like, these two did that!!!, Is JHud walking off the stage like she is walking the funeral procession and signing all the way to backstage. Yes… end the show bitches! Just stop it right there. We don’t need not a nan nother tribute!!! Stop it!!!


Video of the Year

(Me: I say TIE between Beyonce and Kendrick)

Beyonce – “Formation”-WINNER

Drake – “Hotline Bling”

Rihanna ft Drake – “Work”

Bryson Tille – “Don’t”

Kendrick Lamar – “Alright”

YES!!!! Beyonce hopped on a plane to fly to London to try to make her concert in time. YES!!! Dear Lauryn… you hear that shit. But I digress. Damn it is so easy to digress. lol And I love Mama Tina! Love it. People in Twitter saying her concert in London isn’t until Tuesday. True, but London is a day ahead of us basically, and that 14 hour flight. DUH.

In more hive news. I am so happy to finally see Halle and Chloe performing their own music!!! I have been a fan of theirs for a long time. Chloe is a mini Beyonce, you can see it in the way she performs. Yeah, I love them. I need this track…. iTunes anyone or will this be a Tidal exclusive?

Bryson Tiller does songs that make you want to call your side piece while you hug an orphan puppy and mean mug a priest. Like, thug lovin’ music. lol. But that back track….And why is Ray J signing to old girl like that? I am trying to get the background. Like… I get it but not. lol.


Best Male Hip Hop Artist

(Me: Kendrick then Drake…I hope Kendrick)


Fetty Wap

Kanye West



Kendrick Lamar

I haven’t seen this many movie previews during the Awards show. And y’all wonder why people turn off when the show runs over time. lol. But i want to see Almost Christmas.

I loved the Maxwell tribute. Loved it.

This honoring of Jesse Williams has been a long time coming. He is more than deserving. I am standing in my house standing and clapping as if he can hear me. Yes, I love everything that he stands for. Can we clone him? I don’t just mean his amazing features, but can we clone his mind and his spirit? Yes!!! And his wife is so beautiful. can I have her hair? Did Jesse Williams just stand up for black women? #ANDIDIE YES!!!!!!

Jesse Williams moments that made me yell in my house.

  1. We are done watching and waiting while this invention called whiteness abuses us
  2. the burden of the brutalized is not to protect the bystander”
  3. You’re free they keep telling us, but she would still be alive if she wasn’t acting so free.
  4. We are no longer accepting conditional freedom we want the freedom we damn well deserve
  5. Just because we are magic doesn’t mean we are not real

Sorry… i clocked out after that. I had to reflect. I do have a twisted face for Usher having kids in that performance. They shouldn’t have been there.

Coca-Cola Viewer’s Choice Award

 (Me: I feel Beyonce)

Beyonce- “Formation”

Rihanna ft Drake – “Work”

Future ft Drake – “Where Ya At”

Drake – “Hotline Bling”

Byrson Tiller – “Don’t”

Chris Brown – “Back To Sleep”

 I sincerely am on a mission after Jesse’s speech, so pardon my abrupt conclusion. I think that Sheila’s performance was top notch. I think she is a symbol of the power that female performers can have if they choose to exercise it in a feminine way rather than by male standards and still be amazing! Yeah, much respect to her.

I think that the show overall was hit or miss to me. I feel like the announcers could have skipped jokes that fell flat on their faces and just announce. It felt like they were trying. We may need more comedians in the future paired up with actors. In the end, the highlights were strong enough to carry the low parts. Until next time….vote in between time.


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